Black Sheep Books started in the fall of 2004 in a tiny space above the Langdon Street Cafe. Four years later we found ourselves in the heart of downtown. For two and a half years we maintained a beautiful store front before deciding to close our doors in June of 2011. We are currently in the process of reorganizing the collective for our next steps.

Book Store Mission
Black Sheep Books, a community space and bookstore in Montpelier, Vermont, offers affordable radical and scholarly books, and hosts educational events on cultural and political topics. As an all-volunteer project, we are operated by a five-member collective hand in hand with a group of dedicated volunteers. Our principle focus is to provide access to anti-authoritarian Left ideas in a way that promotes intellectual debate and challenges today’s hegemonic culture.

We see print media and public talks as necessary for the development of critical consciousness and ultimately social change. Such engagement with the transformative power of ideas connects us to each other, helps us to understand our historical context, and guides us in action. This linking of past to present, theory to practice, is a crucial precondition for the emergence of a free and directly democratic society.

By creating this space in public, we strive to contest the depoliticization and alienation rampant under statist and capitalist social relations. We also aim to generate visibility for identities marginalized by normative values and systems of domination through providing community resources and a welcoming space in the context of our rural location.

Together with horizontalist social movements and political projects, bookstores, infoshops, and publishers, Black Sheep Books works toward an egalitarian, ecological, and nonhierarchical society.