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Black Sheep Books
5 State St
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For more than six years Black Sheep Books has offered affordable radical and scholarly books and hosted educational events on cultural and political topics in downtown Montpelier Vermont. In the last year, since the move to our fabulous location on State Street, we have been renewing our commitment to our mission as a radical political presence in our community. We have hosted events on the political situation in Palestine, environmental concerns with mountain top removal in Virginia, migrant labor issues in Vermont, and expanded our window display to provide visibility to organizations such as Out Right Vermont, the Abenaki Nation, and the Vermont Migrant Farmworker Solidarity Project. Most recently, we have initiated a Sunday Salon project which, combined with relevant films, intends to create a space for community dialogue and political activity that is self-generating, substantive and exciting.

We are asking for your help in continuing our mission.

In the last nine months, Black Sheep Books has undergone a major internal reorganizing process. We have changed our internal structure to better reflect the project as a whole and our mission. This process has inspired more events, better use of our space, collaboration with other anti-authoritarian organizations, and a renewed commitment to the heart of our mission: Together with horizontalist social movements and political projects, bookstores, infoshops, and publishers, Black Sheep Books works toward an egalitarian, ecological, and nonhierarchical society.

While the corporate media continues to fixate on everything but the on-the-ground reality of multiple wars, the worst economic situation in 80 years, the continual erosion of civil liberties and social welfare services, and the ever greater threat to the global environment, Black Sheep Books continues to be one small harbor of radical resources and community dialog that renders visible what has been made invisible by governments, media, and social structures. As an all-volunteer, collectively-run, anti-profit organization in the State capital we are an anti-capitalist presence in a world that denies the existence of radical history and struggle.

There is however the harsh reality that operating within a capitalist economy requires money to thrive. While book sales- even with almost every book in the store at half price- covers the majority of our expenses, we carry debt and can use more resources to bring in new relevant books, restock important titles, and build our internal resource base to better serve our mission. With slower sales, larger than usual heating bills, and the need for capital improvements we need your support now to continue to be a radical presence, provide important literature, and serve as a community space for radical dialog.

With the economy in devastating shape it is not lightly that we ask for your support now. Please support us in our efforts to continue building a visible antiauthoritarian presence in Montpelier. Make a one-time donation or become a Supporter (details below).

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We are asking for direct support of Black Sheep Books through monthly donations. Being able to depend on regular support allows Black Sheep Books to plan further in advance for events, book sales, and greatly improves our ability to expand and improve the scope of our work in sustainable ways. A regular donation of even five dollars would be tremendous- at ten or more dollars a month we can offer you an additional 10% off on all Black Sheep Books purchases. At the $30/month level we will send you a Black Sheep travel mug and Walter Hergt will leave a message on your answering machine.

Though all of the profits that Black Sheep Books makes are reinvested in our mission, we are not a tax-exempt organization, and donations to Black Sheep Books are not tax deductible.